Welcome to my website, the home of my personal wonderings of life! What questions do you have in life? How do you live life the fullest? By setting goals or end destinations? By just winging it? I think living life is not always about constantly defining end destinations. Nor is it about doing things you are “supposed” to do as society or someone else sees fit. It is all about the journey, your journey, your experiences, your feelings. Wouldn’t it be great to always consciously respond to things in life that makes you happy and let the journey further unfold? By going out there, life will always present situations for you to respond to. With each choice you make, you’ll venture on a new path that brings you new situations, new choices and in the end new life experiences that will enrich your inner soul.

Do what really what lights you up“. “Live and feel the journey of life“. “Success is not the key to happiness, happiness is the key to success“. Your timelines on social media will probably be full of those, heck, people even decorate their homes with such wisdom phrases (including me), but did they really trigger you even once? And if so, can you really say you are doing the things that lights you up? Yes? No? I think you got me there too! I also cannot wrap my mind around these questions, but maybe that is just it…It’s not the mind that takes care of being happy, it takes care of being safe.

When to make the safe choice and when to make the choice for your happiness? This has always been my main driver in live to keep looking for answers. Answers I cannot get by thinking my way towards it, but by allowing the heart to takeover the wheel more often and thereby accepting all the barriers, fears and anxiety that your mind raises along the way. Still easier said than done, but life is not linear, it is an ongoing process. In that process it really helps when you trust in keep trying again every day. Of course my mind tricks me every day that I will not succeed by screaming that I am most definitely “back to square one”, but actually I am always one step further than before!

On my website I will take you on my journey and share my life’s wonderings, experiences and passions with you. Maybe you’ll find something you can relate to and I hope my sharings will give you some inspiration for your own inner wonderings and maybe unlock some new realisations for yourself!